Stay Cool, New Arkham City Trailer

Photoshopping Mr. Freeze with a Choco Taco made more sense earlier, but I regret nothing.  And if you’ve never had a Choco Taco then you’ve never truly lived.  Is your heart made of ice?  Choco Taco-less ice?  Then you might like to hear Victor Fries will also be in Batman: Arkham City.  Oh yes.  I can segue like Choco Tacos can be delicious: effortlessly (and covered with chocolate).  After the jump is the newest trailer for the game (out October 18th) and another related video.

There are so many villains in this game.  I can’t wait for the trailer where William Tockman breaks into Batman’s house and changes all the times on his clocks slightly.  It doesn’t harm anything, but it is kind of annoying.  He’s not a very effective villain.

[Ice to see you, GeekSyndicate.]

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