Steve Bannon Is Arguing That Priests Dropped The Ball After Ohio’s Failed Abortion Ban Vote

Republicans have lost yet another crucial abortion vote, this time deep in the heart of MAGA country, and Steve Bannon is worried. So worried, in fact, that he invited a priest representing a grassroots anti-abortion group onto his podcast in order to rant about how badly “pro-life” groups are fumbling the ball after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade reversal.

This week, Ohio — a GOP-controlled state that voted Trump in 2016 and 2020 — shot down a Republican-backed measure known as Issue 1 that would have made it more difficult to pass future amendments to the state constitution. In November, an amendment safeguarding abortion rights in the state is up for a vote. Pundits viewed Issue 1 as a temperature gauge for where voters stood on the abortion debate with Republicans hoping they could politically game the system and prevent abortion from becoming a constitutionally protected right. The fact that it failed has stoked fear in GOP analysts — like Bannon — who are starting to realize a majority of Americans support pro-choice policies, and Trump’s former henchman said as much to a priest who guested on his podcast this week.

“I’m telling you that if [the anti-abortion movement] doesn’t get organized, and I mean organized quickly, there’s a lot of voices in the donor community and others saying, ‘Hey, you know, what are we doing here? Because these guys are a drag right now when we can’t afford it,'” Bannon told Frank Pavone, a Catholic priest and the director of an anti-abortion group known as Priests for Life. “You’ve had three in a row where that case hasn’t been made or is not resonant, and these are not close. In modern American politics, these are blowouts.”

Bannon ended by suggesting Republicans put anti-abortion activism on the backburner now that Roe v. Wade was reversed to focus on issues Trump’s MAGA base cares about.

(Via Newsweek)