‘Even Bannon’ Began Trending After Steve Bannon Appeared To Side-Eye A Particularly Egregious Marjorie Taylor Greene Lie On The War Room Podcast

You know that a far-right-winger has really skidded off the deep end when even Steve Bannon isn’t buying what they’re selling.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appears to spend much of her time harassing fellow congresspeople, and her severely troll-heavy antics prompted the House to stripped her committee seats, yet she’s nursing the belief that she’s “the most effective member of Congress this session.” Yes, she very much said this (not too far flung from the moment that she advocated for government shutdown) while appearing on the War Room podcast. It was not the right-wing’s finest hour, since MGT was full of lies as usual, and as a result, Bannon clearly found himself in an awkward position.

Look at his face. Bannon served up a one-two move with a side eye and a facing-forward stare. He knew the drill.

In fact, he pretty much pulled a “Jim from The Office,” as one Twitter user noted with another person mentioning Oliver Hardy vibes.

He’s apparently unwilling, even as one of the most influential members of the right-wing fringe, to co-sign Marjorie Taylor Greene’s nuttery with his body language. It’s quite telling, too, what Bannon is unwilling to endorse these days. He even recently appeared to turn on MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell over his failure to bring receipts regarding the Big Lie. Is Bannon growing a true barometer, or is he simply trying to save his own tush? Whatever the case, people noticed, and “Even Bannon” began trending on Twitter.

Surely, Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t even noticed. She’s too busy living in her own reality while political foes assemble in an attempt to take her seat in 2022.