Steve Doocy Is Urging Fox News Viewers To Get The Vaccine While Shutting Down The Ranting Brian Kilmeade

Fox News might not be totally full of vaccine misinformation, but the cable news network is doing nothing to discourage Tucker Carlson’s near-nightly rants about the Covid jab while still refusing to reveal his own status and encouraging dangerous conspiracy theories. In contrast, the Fox and Friends gang — Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade — all returned to their group couch in early May while making it known that they rolled up their sleeves and did the thing.

Still, that hasn’t quelled Kilmeade’s own rants on the subject while he seemingly believes that people refusing to get the shot aren’t harming anyone but themselves. These people are, in fact, prolonging the pandemic while also acting as a pressure cooker for virus mutations, including the more transmissible Delta variant that’s causing stock mayhem on this Monday morning. Well, bright and early on Fox News, Doocy (via Mediaite) urged viewers to “get the shot,” and as he points out, 99% of Covid deaths are among the unvaccinated. However, Kilmeade insisted, “That’s their choice!” Watch below.

“You make your own decision,” Kilmeade insisted while standing firm in saying that it’s a personal choice for everyone. “It’s available to everyone. We’re not doctors. You can say, ‘We got it,’ but I’m not gonna go there and give you other medical advice.” And then there was Doocy speaking as the voice of reason: “They don’t want to die.”

On Fox News, that’s a surprise to hear, but people welcomed the bluntness.