People Are Demanding That Tucker Carlson Reveal If He’s Been Vaccinated Or Not

Tucker Carlson’s been filling his Fox News hour of late with anti-vaccination screeds aplenty. Last week’s installments included his false claims that the COVID vaccine has killed thousands of people. And of course, he was citing an open source website (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS) where anyone can write anything, true or not. He then attempted to cover his butt by somehow blaming Joe Biden for the website’s existence, and long story short: Tucker’s only building upon his reputation as a conspiracy-pushing, fear-mongering anger bear, but this time, the results will chip away at herd immunity and be inarguably dangerous.

Even more dangerous than Tucker telling his viewers to harass people who wear masks outside? For sure, although Tucker’s pattern of escalation on this issue is impressive, even for him, although it’s worth noting that Tucker has not articulated whether or not he’s received the shot (as Fox News head honcho Rupert Murdoch definitely has). And that’s made people wonder whether Tucker’s being hypocritical and maybe secretly got the shot, but he’s pulling all of these theatrics for ratings?

It’s to the point where CNN medical advisor/analyst Jonathan Reiner called for Tucker to own up on whether he’s actually been vaccinated. “I have two questions for Tucker Carlson,” Reiner declared to Jim Acosta. “Number one, have you been vaccinated? And number two, why won’t you tell your audience whether you’ve been vaccinated? I’m tired of his nonsense.”

This question followed a highlighting of Tucker’s baseless claims that people must resist the COVID vaccine, or they will be forced to get “a lot more shots after this.” Acosta remarked, “I honestly don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” to which Reiner concluded, “Yeah, so I think he’s really a saboteur.”

Well, Reiner isn’t the only person who’d like a simple answer from Tucker.

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