Steven Seagal Declares The NFL Anthem Protests To Be ‘Disgusting,’ And The Internet Pounces On Him

Between Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys taking a knee before the national anthem on Monday, and Megyn Kelly defending NFL players on her new daytime talk show, the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and professional athletes over standing for the national anthem at games was already ridiculous. Yet the president’s incessant need to talk and tweet more about the SOBs in the NFL than Puerto Rico was sure to attract plenty of weirdos, which is precisely what happened on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain. While speaking with co-host Piers Morgan, former action movie star Steven Seagal weighed in. Here’s what the Russian citizen said:

“I believe in free speech. I believe that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t agree that they should hold the United States of America or the world hostage by taking a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football game and imposing their political view. I think it’s outrageous. I think it’s a joke. It’s disgusting. I respect the American flag, and I myself have risked my life countless times for the American flag. I don’t understand or agree with this kind of behavior. I think it’s an outrage.”

While Seagal’s Casey Ryback character did in fact defend America from her enemies in the Under Siege films, Russia’s Dennis Rodman claiming he has “risked his life countless times for the American flag” is probably a reference to his role as a reserve deputy sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. (Then again, this is for a reality TV series, Steven Seagal: Lawman.) But that’s beside the point, for Twitter wasn’t about to let this gem slip past its fingers.

Morgan tried to promote the story on Twitter, albeit with a smartphone-snapped screenshot of his own show.

It didn’t work.