4/20 May Be Over, But You Can Still Celebrate With These Stoned People News Bloopers!

Weed: It’s the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems. Oh wait, or is that alcohol? Regardless, as with everything, marijuana use has its ups and downs, as you can see in this latest news blooper roundup from NewsBeFunny.

Being stoned is great, unless you happen to find yourself on live television with cameras pointing in your face — as in the case of this guy who forgot the very question he was answering. Double that if you’re finding yourself in handcuffs or police custody at the time, such as this stoner who had a perfectly reasonable excuse for leading police on a 100 mph high speed chase.

You’ll find both of those gentlemen in the above video, which proves once and for all that stoned people on live TV are never not funny. Your reminder to please toke responsibly.