Stormy Daniels Confirmed That (Allegedly) Having Sex With Trump Is As ‘Awful’ As It Sounds

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who plans to testify against Donald Trump in his upcoming “hush money” trial, is the subject of a new documentary. Now streaming on Peacock, Stormy “delves into the life and times of Stormy Daniels, as she shares her story and account of events that have become part of American history,” according to the streaming service. “The film takes the audience behind the curtain as Stormy navigates being a mother, an artist, and an advocate working hard to reinvent herself, while still grappling with the bombshell that went off in her life five years earlier.”

That bombshell would be when the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels to keep her quiet about a sexual encounter between herself and the then-president (Trump has consistently denied the allegations). In the documentary, Daniels discussed what it’s like allegedly having sex with the second sweatiest man alive after Rudy.

“I don’t remember how I got on the bed, and then the next thing I know, he was humping away and telling me how great I was. It was awful. But I didn’t say ‘No,'” Daniels said, according to the New York Post. He was married to Melania at the time.

Daniels, who also said in the doc that she was sexually abused by an older neighbor when she was 9, said of her alleged encounter with Trump: “It wasn’t rape in any sense. I didn’t say no, because I was 9 years old again.”

You can watch the trailer for Stormy below.

(Via the New York Post)