Students Are Protesting This Deluxe Kitchen Ad For Its ‘Sexist’ Slogan

A New York-based building company is getting complaints that their new billboard for a deluxe kitchen is sexist.

The billboard for Teakwood Builders, Inc. features a picture of a kitchen and reads, “Your Wife Wants Me.” Students from Siena College have protested along the road nearby the billboard with signs reading “I Prefer An Office,” “Bake The Patriarchy,” “Stir Until Equal,” and “I Can Buy My Own Kitchen.”

Teakwood Builders claims that the ad is not sexist, and in a statement released by the company, they point out that most of their customers are women:

A vast majority of Teakwood’s clients are women. Frequently they are decision makers about major expenditures. This billboard – and the entire “Your wife wants me” campaign is good-natured, tongue in cheek fun meant to appeal to women who have a sense of humor, a sense of history and healthy self-esteem.

We applaud the students for their excitement about their cause. And we thank them for drawing attention to the gorgeous Teakwood kitchen on the billboard.

Whether the ad is sexist or not, Teakwood Builders is wrong on one account. These protesters don’t lack a sense of humor. Those signs are downright witty. “Bake The Patriarchy” should be embroidered on a pillow and sold on Etsy. Maybe Teakwood’s marketing department should hire some of these women to write copy for their next campaign.

(Source: PJ Media)