This Guy Got His Comeuppance After He Was Caught Taking Creepshots On The Subway

We live, unfortunately, in a world where perverts exist, waiting to prey on women with tiny cameras to catch upskirts and other compromising positions. But if these dudes can’t be convinced not to take creepshots based solely on the fact that it is a horrific, disgusting invasion of a woman’s privacy, then maybe they should consider it just because it will not end well if their ass gets caught.

Such was the case in this video taken in Nanjing, China, where the tables turned on the creeper in question, who had just been caught red-handed trying to film up a young lady’s skirt on the subway, using a camera hidden in a backpack. He quickly becomes the subject of his own decidedly less sexy pervert-shaming video, in which he is forced to actually bite his SD card in half to destroy whatever disgusting footage was contained on it. (It’s unclear with the language barrier whether she made him do it or if it was his attempt to get rid of the evidence.)

In either case it worked, and the pervert can be seen running off the subway in shame at the next stop. I sincerely hope the delay caused him to miss out on an important meeting, perhaps with whatever passes for a probation officer in China.

(Via Foodbeast)