‘Suicide Squad’ May See A Cameo From A Key ‘Wonder Woman’ Character

Helga Esteb/

Yesterday, we told you that Scott Eastwood would have a small role in Suicide Squad, which starts filming this month. It turns out, though, that this might just be the prelude to a much larger role in an upcoming DC movie.

Latino Review is claiming, and it’s from El Mayimbe, so keep that salt shaker handy, that Eastwood is playing Steve Trevor. For those unfamiliar, Trevor is Wonder Woman’s love interest and recently reinvented as a military badass. He’s also something of a liaison between Wonder Woman and Amanda Waller, which, if that holds, would mean that maybe those Wonder Woman script rumors aren’t quite so weird after all.

It appears that Suicide Squad will lay down a lot of the DC Cinematic Universe after Batman v Superman hits screens; for example, Waller has Aquaman’s trident in her trophy case. So, this likely won’t be the only little tie-in to the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe slate. I just don’t want to know what “memorabilia” she’s got from Cyborg.