“Super 8” Clips Fill Our Lens Flare Quota For The Week

After the jump are three new clips from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s Super 8.  Although these aren’t quite as heavy on the lens flares as the last ones, they do contain some new footage and show us who drove their truck onto the train tracks. You can read the possibly-spoilerish details about the driver in the second clip over at Wired, whereas I’m going to focus on something far more important: LENS FLARES!   I made the photoshop above before seeing the Japanese Super 8 poster to the right, but damn are those some tasty lens flares.  It’s kismet.  Although I can’t help feeling it’s missing something:

Oh yeah.  That’s the good stuff.

[Non-photoshopped poster via FirstShowing, videos via Wired]