Superman Equipped With A GoPro? Superman Equipped With A GoPro.

One could argue that the GoPro has done a surprising amount to improve human understanding. GoPros have been flung into volcanoes, strapped for everything from musical instruments to base-jumping fashion models, and used monkeys taking selfies. But, really, what’s it like to by a Kryptonian with a GoPro strapped to your forehead? We finally have the answer.

And it’s courtesy of Corridor Digital, who largely make awesome video game fanfilms. They’ve also arguably made a demo reel for a Superman game that needs to exist:

What really sells this video is the lighthearted mischief of Superman, here. Supes is at his best when he’s having fun with being superstrong and able to fly really fast, and the punchline to this video is absolutely priceless. Even the seeming dick move that caps off the video is actually a pretty smart piece of writing, once you realize it’s Supes leaving behind a little evidence the video is “real.”

Also, this really is an argument for a first-person Superman game. Imagine being able to do this on your PS4 or Xbox One:

Really, the only thing missing here is the ability to fling Metallo into the sun and John Williams’ score. Add those and you’ve got a billion dollars, Warner Brothers.