‘Superman’ Is Back To Full Power For His Fiftieth Issue

Any comic, no matter who’s starring in it, has achieved a lot when it hits 50 issues. The same is true of Superman, and the book named after him. And Superman is celebrating his latest landmark the way all heroes should: Punching things, and meeting an alternate version of himself.

It turns out that everything Superman’s dealt with over the last few arcs, namely, losing his powers, losing his secret identity, and otherwise struggling with being less than “super,” is directly the fault of Vandal Savage, immortal jerk who, among other things, is exploiting his family to live forever. This book, in particular, has been focused on Superman’s loss of his secret identity: He was outed by Lois Lane in an effort to derail a blackmail plot, which turned out to be part of a larger game by Savage to steal all of Superman’s powers. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of assuming he could beat Superman in a fair fight. How’s that working out for him? Let’s see!

Oh, you’re purple and on fire now, Vandal? Yeah, don’t count on it helping. As for the second Superman, let’s just say there’s a surprise in store for both Clarks and leave it at that. You can read it all Wednesday in comic-book shops and digitally.