Susan Boyle Restores Our Faith In Love By Landing Her First Boyfriend At Age 53

Sorry guys, but anyone hoping to snag Britain’s most eligible reality singing contestant should pack it in now. It took 53 years, but Susan Boyle, the woman who shot to fame and song-slapped that sh*t eating grin right off of Simon Cowell’s face with her powerful rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009, has finally landed her first boyfriend. Ever.

The shy Scottish singer has had a pretty successful career since her time on TV but has been less thank lucky in her personal life. After being treated for nervous exhaustion thanks to the demanding schedule of the reality singing competition and revealing she had been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, Boyle took some time off and then headed across the pond for a U.S. tour.

It was at a hotel in Florida where love finally bloomed for the star. According to the singer’s spokeswoman, Boyle met a nice gentleman who happens to be a doctor from Connecticut and the two hit it off, so much so that a trip to Scotland may be in the works. From The Bulletin:

That’s the plan. She met someone when she was in America and the idea is that he can come here.

It may be Boyle’s first boyfriend, but she doesn’t mind making it clear who’s in charge. Making your man travel thousands of miles for a second date? Okay Susan, I see you…

(Via The Bulletin)