QAnon Cultists Think That Sylvester Stallone May Be One Of Them

QAnon followers are apparently hyped over the possibility that Sylvester Stallone is a secret member of their cult.

As Newsweek noted, the Rocky star posted a photo on Instagram this week that showed him donning what looks to be a blue hat with the letter “Q” (?) stitched in the center. Adding to the theory that the hat is actually an endorsement for the far-right movement that was a big player in the insurrection, here’s Stallone’s caption: “Heading into the Storm …”

That phrase is a popular slogan amongst QAnon cult members who believe that a secret, satanic cabal of pedophiles is running the world’s governments. Democrats and Hollywood elites have been targeted by the group, who continue to maintain that Donald Trump, the twice-impeached president now retired in Florida, is working to bring down the cabal — despite Trump being a reality TV star and millionaire who used to live in New York City.

This is the first time Stallone has appeared to publicly endorse QAnon, but he’s been a friend to Trump for a few years now. The A-lister has been a guest at Mar-A-Lago and successfully petitioned Trump to issue a posthumous pardon to heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson in 2018. Though Stallone never endorsed Trump for president, his relationship with the election fraud conspiracy theorist and this latest social media post has some QAnon members hopeful he’s on their side.

One QAnon Telegram account using the handle Truth Hammer wrote, “Check out that hat and that caption. Stallone knows.” Another that goes by the handle Pepe Lives Matter said, “What kind of hat is that? Stallone with an interesting photo.” Still, some users on Instagram questioned why Stallone would support QAnon in the first place, saying, “Seriously, is my childhood hero going QAnon? Say it ain’t so!”

Weirdly enough, Rocky Balboa turning out to be a cultist who believes lizard-people are secretly in power probably isn’t the most bizarre thing on anyone’s bingo card this year.

(Via Newsweek)