The QAnon Cultists Still Hunkered Down In Dallas Have Some Concerned That Things May Be Headed In A Heaven’s Gate/Jim Jones Direction

Those of us not indoctrinated into the QAnon cult have had a good laugh this month while watching a small subgroup of the MAGA-centric conspiracy theorist movement travel to Dallas, Texas in the hopes of witnessing a John F. Kennedy, Jr. resurrection.

That gathering, led by former-demolition-expert-turned-full-time-Jim-Jones impersonator Michael Brian Protzman, was initially held after he convinced a few hundred people that the former president’s deceased son was actually alive, working in secret for 20 years to take down the “deep state,” and prepping to return and crown Donald Trump as president once again. Even when JFK, Jr. didn’t appear, followers stayed in the city, attending Rolling Stones concerts, holing up in hotels, and singing Michael Jackson ballads about children on the grassy knoll. It was the ultimate form of satire.

But, according to a new report from VICE, the joke is over and things are starting to look very bleak for family members whose relatives have shut off all communication, presumably under Protzman’s direction. A nurse named Katy Garner told the news outlet that her sister left her husband and children a month ago and refuses to come home “until this is over.” Garner says Protzman has group members ingesting a “hydrogen peroxide solution” and taking “bio pellets” to ward off COVID-19. He’s also drastically altered his message to followers, claiming to be God’s representative on Earth and talking openly in video chats about the need to “experience death in order to learn the truth.”

Cult experts have told VICE that the situation in Dallas is concerning, a some are working with the FBI to see what can be done about it.

As of now, the Dallas Police say they aren’t concerned about the cult or Protzman while admitting they’ve had “limited contact” with the group.

(Via VICE)