Taco Bell’s Second Annual ‘Friendsgiving’ Feast Included Some Ridiculous Food

Another year, another invitation lost in the mail. That above culinary creation is a Crispy Skinned Turkey Roulade with Cinnamon Delights Mole and Cranberry Foam, according to Brand Eating, and it was the main course at the second annual Friendsgiving, which was hosted by Taco Bell at the fast food giant’s headquarters in Irvine, California last month. The point of Friendsgiving is to invite “Taco Bell enthusiasts” and “a bunch of YouTube celebrities” for a grand meal designed by the company’s Culinary Director David Bass, so they can all turn around and share photos of the ridiculous food items that none of us will ever eat in our lives, no matter how much we put our health on the line in the name of celebrating our favorite fast food joint, with their thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

My own personal bitterness aside, this year’s menu looks like it was a doozy, as it featured items that sound so absurd and impossible that you’d think they came to Guy Fieri in a wet dream. Alas, these items were all too real, and they were perfect for the foody who loves to eat fine cuisine with a little bit of the Border mixed in for processed flavor.

Among the many guests that Taco Bell decided were more important than someone who couldn’t eat for 48 hours after testing every item on their breakfast menu was Food Beast’s Elie Ayrouth, who was kind enough to bring a camera along with him so he could document the basic idea of his experience. The only complaint I have is that YouTube has yet to invent a smelling feature, just so I can have a basic idea of what that nacho cheese shooter was like. I bet it was heaven in a small glass.