Conservatives Are Having A Complete Meltdown Over ‘Homely’ Taylor Swift Hanging Out With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift once sang, “Loving him was red / Burning red.” Now it’s the people in red hats who are burning with hatred for her after she was spotted cheering for Travis Kelce during the Kansas City Chiefs game over the weekend. The Hall of Fame-bound tight end appeared in a Bud Light commercial and is pro-vaccines, so even though he keeps his politics to himself, that’s still enough for the right-wing media to flip out about their budding relationship.

The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis wrote on X, “Taylor Swift is dumb and her music sucks.” He also shared a Federalist article that claims Swift’s popularity is a “sign of societal decline” and that her music is “utterly defined by self-obsession rather than introspection.” The writer does, however, think “All Too Well” is a good song, so credit where credit is due.

Roger Kimball, a columnist for the Trump-backing American Greatness and the American Spectator, shared Davis’ feelings about Swift’s music and added, “Also, she is homely.” Juanita Broderick, who once accused former President Bill Clinton of rape and who is now an unabashed Trump supporter despite the dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, reacted to an old video of Swift denouncing Trump by saying, “Who gives a F what Taylor Swift thinks?”

Tomi Lahren is still a fan of Swift’s music, but not her “leftie liberal braindead” politics.

Lahren made those comments for OutKick, the website run by Clay Travis, who had the worst take about Swift and Kelce — until Nick Adams came along.

Adams is either a performance artist in his greatest role as an “alpha male” master troll. Or he’s just a moron.

(Via Raw Story)