Watch This Teacher Give An Extreme Lesson On Not Sleeping In The Middle Of Class

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09.06.15 2 Comments

Say hello to the most angry teacher in the Netherlands, at least that’s my assumption from this video. In it we see a student attempting to use his assumed boredom in the lecture to catch up on some much needed sleep (you can’t operate on a sleep deficit I’m told). This leads to his friends futile attempt to wake him before the teacher might notice.

He does eventually notice, and when he does, he unleashes a howl straight out of Hell, instantly going for the fire extinguisher and giving the student a rude awakening. The white mist fills the room and it seems that the lecture is ruined, all because this kid is sleeping. At least that’s what the teacher likely told his superiors, never once taking the blame himself for his short temper and desire to use the fire extinguisher.

I will say that I’ve always wanted an excuse to blast off a fire extinguisher, so I can’t blame him there. But he could’ve just asked the kid to leave or at least tell him to go sleep under his dreamcatcher in the corner. That’s what my high school geometry teacher would do. Nice guy, until you realized the dreamcatcher was a lie and woke up with a note to go to the office. Actually, you know what, give me the fire extinguisher.

(Via NewsVideos365 / Mashable)

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