Ted Cruz Tried To Weasel His Way Into A Group Hug With Alyssa Milano Only To Get Fabulously Rejected

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Actress and beloved former childhood star Alyssa Milano completely owned Ted Cruz in an exchange that provides comic relief amid all of the serious news of the day. On Wednesday, Milano began the chain of communication without Cruz in mind and while expressing dismay over Democrat Jon Ossoff’s inability to take the Georgia special election for a traditionally red district. She called for a group hug and invited her followers to “get in.”

A day later, Cruz either decided or hoped that Milano wanted him to join the lovefest, so he sidled up to her with a winking emoji: “We all need a hug!”

At that point, one Twitter user blamed Cruz for “ruining hugs.”

As for Milano, she was equally unimpressed by the Republican senator’s efforts (although he later surprised many people by publicly opposing the GOP healthcare bill in its current senatorial incarnation). The former Who’s The Boss? spitfire showed no interest in hugging the man who accidentally elbowed his wife in the face after his concession speech. She typed, “Not you, @tedcruz. You’re not invited.”

Her rejection led to an endless stream of responses like these.



However, Milano also seized the opportunity to invite Cruz to talk with her “about your duty to your constituents.” Do you think he’ll bite?