Ted Cruz Dropped A Bizarre Video In Which He Claims The ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ Is ‘Controversial,’ And People Lost It

Not everyone can go viral twice in the same day for two separate incidents, but not everyone is Ted Cruz. On Monday, news broke that Texas’ power grid was in trouble due to escalating heat, prompting a large swatch of Twitter to make jokes about the state’s Republican senator, who hightailed it outta there during a freak winter storm earlier in the year. Not a few hours later he was back on top, this time because he released a surreal video in which he recites the “Pledge of Allegiance” to a flag.

“This didn’t use to be controversial,” Cruz wrote in his attempt to commemorate Flag Day. The video, a mere 14 seconds, finds the senator awkwardly standing in front of a flag, his hand on his heart, robotically reciting the statement that originated somewhere in the late 19th century.

Is it actually controversial? Not really. It’s not even clear what Cruz was referring to. But ginning up outrage over patriotism is red meat for people who think Ted Cruz is smart, and perhaps he figured he could use a distraction on the day he was being dragged on Twitter for a past cowardly act.

But it was clear that those who already don’t like him weren’t swayed. Some called out his claim about a “controversial act” as purest bull.

Some dragged him for abandoning Texas when its people are suffering.

Some questioned his mental health.

Some pointed out his past wrongs, particularly his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Some thought he just sucks.

Others just found the whole thing weird.

Or made fun of his hair.

And some people were worried about the flag.