A Mom Is Blaming Another Stabbing On Internet Legend Slender Man

On May 31st, two 12-year-old girls stabbed a classmate 19 times, claiming they committed the crime to meet Slender Man, a fictional character created only five years ago by a Something Awful forums user. After the stabbing, the character’s creator issued a statement, the Creepypasta website felt the need to tell us Slender Man isn’t real, and Something Awful posted an article aptly titled, Please Do Not Kill Anybody Because of Slenderman.

Now a mom in Hamilton County, Ohio, is blaming a separate stabbing on her daughter’s slight interest in Slender Man. The woman was stabbed by her daughter, sustaining minor injuries to the neck and face as well as a puncture wound in her back. Raw Story does not say when this occurred, but they do describe the night of the attack.

“I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me and she was wearing a mask — a white mask,” the woman said. “She had her hood up and had her hands covered with her sleeves and the mask. She was someone else during that attack,” the mother added.

The mother admits the daughter has mental health issues and has “always” written about and drawn dark subjects, including demons, murder, insanity, and “falling into darkness”. But it was a reference to Slender Man in her daughter’s many writings which caught the mother’s attention when the other stabbing was in the news last week.

WLWT reports, “The mother said that after hearing about the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls allegedly stabbing their friend to please Slender Man, she thinks her daughter was under the same influence.” Uh huh. Meanwhile, the daughter is in a juvenile facility, hasn’t said anything about Slender Man, and says she doesn’t remember much from the night of the attack. But it’s Slender Man. It couldn’t possibly be a psychotic break in a teenager already known to be mentally ill.

Can we have some real talk for a second? This teen’s attack has f*ck all to do with Slender Man. She wrote the character’s name in her journal (seemingly only once, or they would have shown more references in the video above) and involved the character in her game of Minecraft? And that’s supposed to mean she wouldn’t have attacked her mom if it weren’t for that gosh-darned internet? Nope. Not buying it, local news media, and I’m a little disgusted by your enthusiasm to glom onto tragic events happening elsewhere in the country. One of the drawings in that teenager’s journal looks like a Homestuck character. Does this mean Homestuck makes already-mentally-ill teenagers commit violent acts? . . . Well, maybe. Bad example. Homestuck fans are weird.