A Ten-Foot Hammerhead Shark Attacked A Kayaker Off The Malibu Coast

Ventura County authorities report that a man was bitten by a hammerhead shark while he kayaked off the coast of Malibu, California on Saturday afternoon. They also say that the shark was 10 feet long and 250 pounds.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the man in question was kayaking about a mile and a half off the coast of Malibu, near Dear Creek Beach, between Point Mugu and Carrillo State Park. He was dangling his feet in the water.

The shark then bit one of his feet, but was able to paddle to shore with his injured foot. Near shore, someone on a passing fishing boat took the man on board, and helped him contain the bleeding on his injured foot.

Although his condition is not currently known, medics say that the man didn’t lose his limb, and was also awake and alert during transport. The man was airlifted to the hospital, where aerial video footage showed him getting out of the helicopter with a bandaged foot.

Lifeguards say that while it’s not common for hammerhead sharks to be lurking in the area, they had been sighted near Point Dume, also in Malibu, and Catalina Island in recent weeks. Recent hammerhead and great white shark sightings along the southern California coast have prompted beach closures.

(via CBS Los Angeles)