Terry Crews Offered To ‘Slap The Sh*t Out Of’ D.L. Hughley For Mocking His Sexual Assault Allegations

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Terry Crews has received a lot of support since alleging he was the victim of sexual assault. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star — and, lest we forget, arguably cinema’s greatest and most eerily prophetic evil American president — has proudly joined up with the #MeToo movement, making it his mission to dismantle the nation’s “complicit system” of sexual misconduct. And yet Crews has his detractors, among them 50 Cent, Russell Simmons, and comedian D.L. Hughley.

The latter piped up about Crews’ allegations that a man — later revealed to be now-former William Morris Endeavor agent Adam Venit — allegedly groped Crews’ genitals at a party. (Venit later publicly apologized before resigning.) In a Vlad TV interview, Hughley revealed that he’s considerably less impressed with Crews’ bravery in going public about sexual misconduct. It’s not like people would make jokes about his masculinity, right?

Or maybe they will. Hughley slammed Crews for not fighting back.

“I think it’s hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles can’t tell an agent to not touch his a*s,” Hughley quipped while his host chuckled. “Now everyone’s so into this notion that, ‘It happened to me too!’ Hey, motherf*cker, God gave you muscles so you could say no.”

Ignoring the fact that Hughley pulled some old-fashioned victim-blaming, Crews has already pointed out that had he, a black man in America, laid his hands on an agent, his career would likely be over, once he got out of jail. But for whatever it’s worth, Crews does fight back. To wit: He laid into Hughley in a Twitter rant.

Crews started with some compliments. “I have looked up to you my whole career as one of the funniest most talented people I’ve ever seen,” he wrote. “I remember when I saw you warming up the crowd at FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR and I thought ‘this man is a genius.’”

But Crews’ words soon curdled into righteous indignation. “You @50cent @unclerush and @tariqnasheed have decided my sexual assault was hilarious, whereas there are a whole generation of black women and men who don’t think it’s funny,” he wrote. “ABUSERS PROTECT ABUSERS but they MOCK SURVIVORS as well. When you see me, keep it moving.”

Crews then asked Hughley if he thought he “wanted” to be sexually assaulted. Hughley responded, but kept it short and ambiguous.

Unsated, Crews decided to step things up.

“If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior… Should I slap the sh*t out of you?” Crews wrote.

Hughley has not yet responded, but it’s not surprising that a decent chunk of social media has the back of someone who’s claimed sexual assault over someone making jokes about same.

(Via The Blast)