Terry Crews Shared The Apology Letter From The Man Who Allegedly Groped Him

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Last year, actor Terry Crews alleged that a man he had groped his genitals at a Hollywood party in 2016. That man turned out to be agent Adam Venit, then at William Morris Endeavor. Now, Variety reports, Venit has sent Crews an apology letter, which Crews shared on his Twitter account.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor made the accusation — and filed a police report — last November. Venit was suspended for 30 days while the agency conducted an investigation into the matter, and he was eventually cleared of all charges. Crews then filed a lawsuit, which is in the process of being settled. Venit has since left the agency.

Crews’ accusations emerged in the wake of the then-burgeoning #MeToo movement, which he proudly joined, becoming one of the most prominent men to join their ranks. He has since become outspoken about sexual misconduct, in the industry and elsewhere, throwing his support behind Brendan Fraser and recording a PSA with Samantha Bee about how sexual assault jokes aren’t funny.

In the tweet, Crews publicly accepted Venit’s apology, though his letter does not directly confess to the crime of which he’s been accused. “I know that you didn’t ask for any of this,” Venit wrote. “Again, I take responsibility for us being here now, together in this situation. I am sorry for all of it.

“I want to use this moment to be a positive influence with you and not just another Hollywood story that becomes the narrative of who we both are. We both are so much more and have so much more to offer,” Venit added. “I even hope that someday we can come together and go forward with compassion and understanding, and be an amazing force for positivity and change in our culture.”

(Via Variety)