That ‘Friday The 13th’ Found Footage Movie Will Answer Why Jason Is Unkillable

Jason Voorhees cannot be killed. It’s an accepted trope of the series, like teenagers having sex near bladed weapons and the hockey mask. And, truthfully, nobody really cares why, but we’re getting an answer anyway in the next Friday The 13th!

To be fair, Jason is getting a lot of talent thrown his way, according to the Hollywood Reporter. David Bruckner, one of the directors of cult anthology movie V/H/S, is on board to put Voorhees through his paces, and the script is being rewritten by Nick Antosca, who’s co-producing the upcoming third season of Hannibal. Still, the found footage gimmick feels a little tired, and when you’ve got horror movies like It Follows in multiplexes and wrapping up critical acclaim, one has to wonder if this particular gimmick has worn out its welcome with audiences.

On the other hand, they sent Jason into space in one movie, so at least he’s retaining some of his dignity. We’ll find out how much in May 2016.