The 11-Year-Old Girl Who Asked DC For More Female Superheroes Is Now A Superhero Herself

Recently, we brought you the story of Rowan Hansen, an 11-year-old comic book fan who wrote DC a letter asking the company for more female superheroes, and better representation for the female characters they already have. Here’s the letter again in all its neatly-printed glory.

It was an exceptionally well-written letter for a fifth grader, and it definitely made the rounds. DC quickly made a couple of supportive Tweets, but now they’ve gone a step further. As part of a recent Today Show piece on the story, DC presented Rowan with a sketch of herself in superhero garb.

Damn. If only Twitter had existed when I was a 11-year-old comic book fan. For her part, Rowan continues to have things to say about the double-standards that exist in the DC Universe…

“I have never really understood why they’ve had more male superheroes. It’s not like the male superheroes are better than the female superheroes. But there are just more of them.

If Batman gets to wear armor, then why doesn’t Wonder Woman get to wear armor? And I know that she’s kind of invulnerable, but it would still be nicer if she didn’t wear a bathing suit all the time.”

Hmmm. Fine questions, Rowan.

Our precocious comic book fan. 

Hopefully, DC is actually working to keep all their girl readers, even those that don’t have Rowan’s letter writing skills and media savvy parents.

via Today News