‘Die Hard’ Anniversary Gives Me A Chance To Post This Sweet Bruce Willis/Christina Hendricks Gif

Ever since Tumblr user Flying Scotsman posted this amazing gif yesterday, I’ve been actively looking for a Christina Hendricks or a Bruce Willis angle to write a post to use it in — when in actuality its so damn incredible that it could have warranted a post of its own, but I digress.

Then Buzzfeed pointed out that the first Die Hard movie opened in theaters nationwide 25 23 years ago today, so now I have a semi-legitimate reason to post it, and you too can waste at least five minutes of your life watching Bruce Willis’ bald head popping out Christina Hendricks’ chest, just as I did. It’s what the internet is here for! Long live the internet.

And in honor of the Die Hard anniversary, below is a great Yippee-Kai-Yay montage. Y’all have a great weekend.