The 40 Best Hilariously Nerdy Dog Costumes

Before I owned a dog, I never got the compulsion of dog owners to dress their animals up. It was beneath the dog’s dignity! Those poor animals!

Then I got a Shih Tzu, who is utterly adorable, and, as I kept going to pet stores, realized that the idea of dressing your dog becomes more and more appealing as you go to these stores. Your perception of dogs shifts as you spend time around them, especially cute dogs, and your resistance gets broken down as you start buying them clothes so they don’t freeze in winter. You want to somehow make them cuter, and they have to wear clothes anyway. It’s as if you are slowly being brainwashed by some supervillain who wants all dogs to wear funny outfits. It’s actually pretty unnerving.

So, I went through the GS archives, as well as the rest of the Internet, and found the best dog costumes. Most of which I want to put on my dog, but thankfully my girlfriend won’t allow me to. Because she’s got costumes she wants our dog to wear too.