‘The Avengers’ Is Returning This Weekend In Case You Hadn’t Heard

08.31.12 7 years ago

Marvel, in case you hadn’t heard, is rereleasing The Avengers this weekend because apparently making $1.5 billion in theatrical release alone before any DVD revenue (and who the hell knows what the merchandising made) just wasn’t quite enough for Disney to justify its $4 billion purchase of Marvel.

We’re guessing they also want to stick it to The Dark Knight Rises.

Actually, the compelling motivation here is that if they can just rack up another $40 million, they’ll beat Titanic in the overall numbers game. It’s also an unusually soft Labor Day weekend. Usually Labor Day wraps up the summer with a cheap horror movie (The Possession, in this case) and a few movies released in early August going strong.

Instead August has been one bad month with some truly epic bombs, including a kiddie movie that grossed $47 a theater opening day. Disney, needless to say, sees an opportunity here.

Hell, I’ll show up again. My fiancee missed it, so I’ll drag her. I’m just worried about her possibly getting pregnant by it.

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