The Bacon Weave Choco Taco: Have We Finally Gone Too Far?

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07.17.13 10 Comments

Yeah, you read that right. That’s a “bacon weave Choco Taco”, as in a taco shell made of bacon, stuffed with ice cream and covered with chocolate syrup. I can’t even completely wrap my mind around what that would taste like, so I’m just going to let the genius from Dude Food explain this remarkable-yet-dangerous concoction that he has unleashed upon this world.

I started by weaving a bacon square, cooking it, cutting it into a circle and then hanging it over a few kabob sticks so it would keep its shape. I then baked the shell in my oven until it was crispy, let it cool down a bit and then filled it with a vanilla ice cream that included fudge swirls.

After leaving my ice cream filled bacon weave shell in the freezer for about 30 minutes so it could harden back up I melted some milk chocolate and poured it over the top of my Bacon Weave Choco Taco and then sprinkled pieces of peanuts over the melted chocolate. After another half hour in the freezer the chocolate was hardened and my taco was ready to eat!

I just don’t even know what to say. My brain is completely malfunctioning right now from trying to imagine what a bacon weave Choco Taco could possibly taste like. I mean, I’ve tried bacon-infused brownies before, but bacon with ice cream? This must be what my grandparents feel like when they try to open an email.

Alas, I know what my stomach is feeling right now, and it looks a little bit like this…

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