The Best Of Poison Ivy Cosplay

05.25.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

Via Comic Vine

If you get too close to these women, they might give you a killer kiss.

I really like the Poison Ivy costume because it allows for a great deal of variation. Some women go with an almost Adam and Eve leaf over the privates get up, others completely cover themselves in green body paint and look like they’re carrying around a plastic tree. The exhibitionists can be Poison Ivy while wearing almost nothing and there are also really awesome costumes with tights, gloves and high necklines for more modest cosplayers. Lastly, more than almost any other costume I’ve seen, women dressed as Poison Ivy tend to get out of the convention halls and into the woods so that they can really interact with their surroundings. As a result, the pictures of Poison Ivy cosplayers tend to be much more interesting.

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Via Women of Comic Book Cosplay

Photo by App.Icious

Photo by Thomas Powers

Photo by Lantern Waste

Photo by Shaire Productions

Photo by Anna Fischer

Photo by Shaire Productions

Photo by Gallifreyk-9

Photo by Michael Iacca

Photo by Insane Pencil

Photo by LJinto

Photo by Patcave

Photo by Coolsteel27

Photo by Tim Fritz

Photo by Bill Watters

Photo by Chris Baker

Photo by Matthew Bloedorn

Photo by McHulin

Photo by Bryttani

Via Comic Vine

Via Comic Vine

Via Comic Vine

Via Comic Vine


Via Comic Vine

Photo by Cayusa

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