‘The Boys’ Seems To Be Trolling Trump’s Dumb Gold Sneakers By Giving Homelander His Own Set Of Ugly, Pricey Footwear

There was a time when far right fans of The Boys had no inkling the show didn’t like them. They thought Homelander, the Trumpy leader of the villainous superhero faction The Seven, was some folk hero, worthy of adulation. Then last season the show’s creative team made it very clear he was a villain. The far right fans melted down. Just to twist the knife, The Boys’ team cooked up a little jab at not only Homelander but the modern politician he’s most like.

On Wednesday, the Twitter/X account for Vought International — the fictitious company run by Homelander — dropped some new merch. It was a tacky, wildly expensive, and frankly hideous sneaker, whose sales will go to the guy’s forthcoming trial, which is one of the events revealed to happen during Season 4.

“Based on our greatest hero’s boots, these shoes will make you feel like you can fly,” read the post. “Available at a Super deal of $777, with all proceeds going to his legal defense fund. Get yours before his sham of a trial on June 13!”

If the Homelander high-tops look familiar, that’s because they’re a clear parody of the dumb golden Trump sneakers the former president was peddling the other weekend. Of course, those were only going for $399, about half of what Homelander’s supporters are asking for, in a show that’s not real but that’s just as ridiculous as our own, very broken reality.

Trump unveiled the golden sneakers the day after he was forced to pay nearly half a billion dollars after being liable in his New York fraud case. Though the footwear quickly sold out, they’ve caused him no shortage of headaches, including blurting out racist stuff about them and getting dragged by Shane Gillis on SNL.

As for The Boys, it’s set to return to Amazon Prime starting June 13.