Butt Sex and Bar Brawls: Nick Offerman Delightfully Narrates ‘The Gunfighter’

We don’t often post a longer video, let alone a short film, unless it’s genuinely funny and skillfully executed. And when that short film also features a voiceover filled with flowery filth by UPROXX favorite Nick Offerman, how can we resist?

The Gunfighter is a parody centered on the premise, what if the clichéd characters in a Western could hear the voiceover narration? It’s a premise we’ve seen before, but Nick Offerman’s cussing, sh*t-stirring narration elevates this above the average comedy sketch.

Short of the Week summarizes:

If I were a Hollywood underling pitching to a studio executive (and thank, heaven, I’m not), it might go something like “it’s Stranger Than Fiction meets Gunsmoke.” But, that wouldn’t be giving the film enough credit. Kissack and crew push the premise well-past what you would think is comedically possible for a fourth-wall breaking device, firing off more jokes per minute than any recent short film in memory.

The Gunfighter is directed by Eric Kissack, written by Kevin Tenglin, and produced by Sarah Platt with cinematography by Jon Aguirresarobe. The director explains his motivation: “I’ve always thought it was important to point out the dangers of complete and total honesty. I mean, obviously, in an ideal world we wouldn’t do things that we’re ashamed of. But that world seems vanishingly distant so in the meantime, let’s all just learn to accept a little judicious truth-concealing (lying).”

Yes, the world could certainly use a judicious exercise of discretion. And Nick Offerman making butt sex jokes. Mostly that second thing.