The Jon Hamm/Fabio Comparison That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

In addition to the whole ridiculous “To Kanye…Love Kanye” thing, there’s something else burning up Tumblr today: a photo of a page from a November 2009 issue of People magazine comparing the faces of Jon Hamm and Fabio. And it’s burning up Tumblr for a reason — IT’S GODDAMN DISTURBING! Jon Hamm is basically Fabio without the stupid hair. Funny Or Die or some other similar outfit should totally bring Fabio in and have him play Don Draper in a Mad Men parody. That, to me, is the logical next step in all of this.

And if you play around with the faces a bit in Photoshop the whole thing gets even creepier

Naturally, UPROXX reached out to Sad Don Draper for comment and this is how he responded…

(HT: Blackbook’s Tumblr.)