‘The Main Drain’ Is Here To Help Solve The Problem Of Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

You can find a lot of odd fundraisers over at Kickstarter, be it a revolutionary cooler that’s apparently worth millions of dollars or a recipe for potato salad. It’s all there. Now we’re not going to go out and call this next item the oddest, but it is certainly up there.

It’s called The Main Drain, a small attachment for your toilet that brings the joy of a urinal into your home. How pleasant. It comes from the mind of Daniel Garvin and the team at Main Drain and they’ve got all their bases covered on why you would want such a contraption on your home:

Ladies, how many times have you had to put the toilet seat down after a guy uses it?
How many times have you sat on the toilet seat and experienced an unexpected damp feeling?
How many times have you had to clean the top of the bowl, behind the toilet seat, the floor, and surrounding areas due to a poor aim job? (via)

Sold, right? Not only that, but it’s pretty stylish looking:

It’s the perfect sort of contraption to make you feel like an astronaut does while on a mission. I can see where it’d be good for a party, but it just seems like something else you’d be forced to neglect cleaning in your bathroom (or forcing your wife to clean, negating all benefit):

No permanent installation necessary
Installs and removes in seconds
Hands free use
You can sit on the toilet without needing to remove the Main Drain
Designed to reduce splashing (makes bathroom and surrounding area more sanitary)
Made from lightweight, high quality, hydrophobic materials
Minimal cleaning required
Designed to adjust to any height – from small children to adults
Great for potty-training toddlers
Designed to adjust to any angle – works great in the “morning” :)
Does not damage or scratch the toilet bowl
Versatile – can connect to either side of the bowl
Main Drain can be adjusted out of the way for when the man of the house is gone

The Kickstarter is seeking $50,000 to start with a stretch goal of $150K to add in a motion detected LED light. That would make it either the greatest invention of all time or the fall of civilization as we know it. The only thing that could make this more conflicting is if Main Drain became self aware, reading your thoughts and knowing you need to go before even you know. That or sh*tters in recliners, like Idiocracy.

(Via Kickstarter)