The Office Recut As An 80’s Sitcom

06.15.11 8 years ago

I’m of the personal opinion that recuts are so 2009, but an 80’s sitcom recut of The Office, complete with laugh track, Rosanne theme, Family Matters theme, and awesomely cheesy intro credits started trending yesterday even though it’s been uploaded to YouTube since April. Most notably, Rainn Wilson tweeted out a link, so I figured I should give it a glance, and was presently surprised to see the Global HD logo, which means the YouTuber who created it is Canadian, and if there’s one thing I know about Canadians it’s that they lack a military. If there’s a second thing I know about Canadians it’s that they know their cheesy sitcoms.

The reason I’m sharing has less to do with the excellence of the video (it is really well done) and more for what it says about the evolution of the situation comedy. This really feels like how the concept of The Office would have been shot in the 80’s. And compared to how today’s best shows are filmed it feels like an incredible divergence.

Video after the jump, complimented by a few magnificent Office GIFs of my choosing

Source: YouTube

Via: TheHighDefinite

Via: Gifbin, Gifflix

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