Here’s An Old-Timey Violence Packed Trailer For The New PS4 Action-Shooter ‘The Order: 1886’

I’m still not entirely sure what to feel about the upcoming PS4 exclusive action-shooter, The Order: 1886, but I guess I’d better form an opinion soon, because the game has officially gone gold and will hit shelves in less than a month.

I will say, this latest trailer is probably the best one I’ve seen to date, as it delivers of good mix of storyline stuff and over-the-top Victorian ultraviolence. I mean, can a game that lets you decapitate werewolves with electricity guns designed by Nicola Tesla be bad? I’m thinking not. The trailer also promises the game will reveal history’s darkest secret, which is a pretty lofty promise. At least the makers of The Order are aiming high.

The Order: 1886 releases on February 20th. Any excited PS4 owners out there?

via CVG