The Perils Of Drinking Shown Through The First Four Seasons Of 'Mad Men'


In case you haven’t heard, kids, drinking is bad for you. In particular, drinking copious amounts of hard liquor each and every day over a long, sustained period of time is bad for you.

But you know what — that’s what men do! Specifically, it’s what men like Roger Sterling, a man among men, do. It puts hair on your g*ddamn nuts, and every man who truly cares about being a man in the world needs a thick forest of hair on his nuts to remind him each and every day when he jumps in the shower to scrub himself down that he’s a man.

So rather than be daunted by this supercut from Modern Primate showing the ugly side-effects of a lifetime of drinking on the characters in Mad Men, view it instead as a subtle reminder that you can allow alcohol to wither you away and be a manly man too.

(HT: Ned Hepburn)

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