The Secret Cronut Recipe Has Been Revealed But Good Luck Making One

The word Cronut is magical and adds to the majestic pull of Manhattan. Something more than a doughnut that is made out of croissant dough, flavors like Strawberry Balsamic and Mascarpone make one hear Gershwin and see fountains in Central Park.

Unfortunately, though, I’ve never eaten an official Cronut. Instead, I’ve eaten the knock-offs in New Jersey with their alternate names and their questionable quality. Why do I hate myself? Why do I deny myself a taste of the real thing? Mostly, it’s convenience. I’m rarely in Manhattan and when I am, I’m not the type to wait an hour or more outside of the Dominique Ansell Bakery for a tasty treat. Luckily for people like me, though, there is now another way to stop denying myself the pleasure of the real thing now that the recipe has been revealed… or is there?

Before you start celebrating the fact that you finally have your hands on the actual, real-deal, official Cronut recipe — and that you no longer have to rely on crescent knock-offs — you should know that this recipe is DIFFICULT. Not just hard, but extremely hard. Like, is-it-even-worth-it hard.

Dominique Ansel, while promoting his new cookbook Dominique Ansel: Secret Recipes (out October 28), has shared his recipe with ABC’s Good Morning America and not only is it long, involved and calls for a whole slew of special equipment, but the website has filed this recipe’s difficulty level under extreme. This is not a joke.

The recipe, which goes on for paragraphs upon paragraphs, takes a total of three days to make.

The full recipe is here on ABC’s site and just watch as you scroll all the way down the page to get to the end. You should get a consolation Cronut if you even download this thing and attempt this endeavor and someone should bring it to you.

Honestly, I was a bit floored when I saw that Ansell had revealed his secret, but after seeing the level of commitment that it takes to make up a batch of real Cronuts, it seems to me that the secret is as safe now as it was when it was tucked away because who is going to spend three days of their life making a snack?

Seriously, Dominique, can we get some frozen Cronuts up in this Earth? Some Fro-Cro? Nevermind the cookbooks, look at the tomato sauce aisle at the grocery store and say hey to Emeril and Guy Fieri for me. It’s all about the merch, man.

Source: The Huffington Post