The Ultimate Charlie Day GIF Collection

I’m always in the mood to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite milksteak-eating, magnet-loving rat basher. And with Horrible Bosses threatening to catapult the magnificent Charlie Day into mainstream conscientiousness (a la what The Hangover did for Galifianakis) now is the time to stake claim to having had a big boy crush on the Wild Card ever since hearing “Domino biatch!” in “The Gang Gets Racist”.

Animated GIFs are for Charlie Day what multipanes are for Louis C.K. Dude’s physical brand of offbeat comedy couldn’t be more well suited for them, especially when you can just imagine his raspy-as-hell voice telling you, “You. Are. So. Stupid.” So here are my first ever attempts at GIF walls, complete with spazzy dance moves, cat chopping chants, Nazi banana eating, kitten mittens, and going America all over their @sses. Enjoy.

Sources: GoogleTumblr