‘The View’s Sara Haines Has No Time For Conservatives Freaking Out Over Masks During Wildfire Smoke Alerts: ‘You Want To Inhale This Stuff? Go Ahead’

As wildfire smoke envelopes the northeast, causing some pretty dystopian pictures to come out of New York City, health officials have encouraged people to wear masks to protect themselves from the dangerous air conditions. If you were around for the coronavirus pandemic, you can probably guess how conservatives reacted to that advice: They didn’t like it.

During Thursday’s episode of The View, the panel showed clips of Fox News anchors freaking out over the return of masks for what’s obviously a temporary situation. As “the left” was accused of yet another nefarious plot to make sure people can breathe, co-host Sara Haines didn’t hold back her disdain for this new round of “mask hysteria.” As she notes, unlike the pandemic, people not wearing masks are only hurting themselves, so have at it.

Via The Wrap:

“When it was early on in COVID, you not wearing a mask affected me. You don’t want to wear a mask outside, you want to inhale this stuff? Go ahead and do it,” she mocked. “I encourage everyone to embrace their liberty and just do you!”

Haines went even further by mocking conservatives who are convinced the very real and evident wildfire smoke is some sort of liberal conspiracy.

“You don’t believe any of that? You think someone’s on the side, stage left pumping some orange [into the air], like, you think they can do that?” Haines said. “Then you know what, you go and do you. I’m fine with whatever you choose.”

(Via The Wrap)