There’s A Snag In The George Zimmerman Vs. DMX ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match

Remember earlier today when we all rushed to our keyboards to freak out when it was announced that DMX had agreed to not only box George Zimmerman, but “beat the living f*ck out of him” and “literally piss on Zimmerman’s face”? I know this may shock you, but it seems that everyone may have jumped the gun, from the “celebrity boxing” promoter to the people writing about this proposed fight to the people reading about it, because DMX hasn’t signed anything just yet. The hold-up? Money, probably.

Zimmerman, who is not a celebrity in any sense of the word and should not even be remotely marketed as such, has already declared that any money he’s offered to fight will be donated to charity, but DMX hasn’t said that’s the case for him. Instead, his spokesperson told the New York Daily News that this fight is all talk right now.

“The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed,” the rep said in a statement.

“DMX has promised to ‘beat his a–‘ but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet. DMX will release an official statement if and when an agreement is made.”

TMZ also reports that DMX needs to see the terms of the contract, which implies that he needs to know how many zeroes there will be, or maybe he wants to make sure there are rules in place that won’t leave the door open for Zimmerman to take legal action in the event that his face is, in fact, pissed on. But until any ink dries on any paper, this is all just a terrible idea that couldn’t have made news on a worse day, as it is Trayvon Martin’s birthday.

The good news is that Damon Feldman, the “promoter” of this horrible endeavor, has been the obvious target of backlash on Twitter, and here’s just a sample of what his timeline looks like, as it’s nothing but responses to people giving him hell.

There’s also a petition up on calling for Feldman to “Put an end to the George Zimmerman ‘celebrity’ boxing match.” Unfortunately, I’m guessing that as soon as DMX or anyone else agrees to a price, this thing is going to happen whether we like it or not.

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