These Links Are So Underground

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What’s Going On With Communism Now? [UproxxNews]

Mega Gallery: Crazy movie posters from Africa [Filmdrunk]

Ten Seriously Disturbing Pieces of TV Fan Fiction [WarmingGlow]

Frotcast 38: Rango, Translating Scottish, Scumbag Steve [Filmdrunk]

A Guide To Recognizing Your Mascots [WithLeather]

Your TSS x SXSW Itinerary For 2011 [TSS]

Charlie Sheen might be broke [WWTDD]

Celebrity Pokemon Evolutions [UGO]

The Bulimic Boston Terrier [EgoTV]

David Lynch Launches Music Web Store [Moviefone]

Viva Caligula In Hell (online game) [AdultSwim]

The ten best fictitious wars. War on Drugs curiously absent [Fark]

Busted: Stars Who Got Caught Doing Drugs On Camera [Bossip]

Mel Gibson Accepts Plea Deal, Ducks Jail Time For Beating Oksana [TheSuperficial]

Chinese Boob Clamp: The Greatest Invention Since The Shake Weight [CoedMag]

VIDEO BELOW: This cat is a very sound sleeper [via Break]

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