They’re Not Actually Trying to Make an “Inhumans” Movie?

03.11.11 8 years ago

The Inhumans are insane as only Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the ’60s could be. A bunch of cavemen turned into demi-gods by an alien species that live in a Roman-styled colony first in the Andes, then in the Himilayas, then on the Moon, then on freakin’ Atlantis? Sure, throw that in. Kirby and Lee invented that without weed, something that baffles everybody.

Anyway! Supposedly Marvel is developing an Inhumans movie. So, we’re going to see what amounts to a costume drama designed by Jack Kirby, right?

Uh, no. It’s a movie about sleeper agents planted by aliens who decide to derail an invasion.

Screw that noise. Hire somebody insane, give them the comics, give them the camera, and give them $100 million. What’s life if you don’t have fun?

[ via the genetically-altered protohumans at Badass Digest ]

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