‘Thief’ Crowns The Queen Of Beggars In A New Trailer

2013 is largely dead, Walking Dead: Season Two aside. So, of course, it’s time to get hyped up for 2014, and one of the bigger release is the upcoming Thief.

Coming February 25th, this trailer, part of a “Stories of the City” series, sets up Granny Rags, er, the Queen of Beggars as a character. Chess metaphors and other such tomfoolery ahoy!

Honestly, part of the problem with this game that they don’t seem to have shaken quite yet is the fact that this looks, a lot, like Dishonored. Obviously, Dishonored took more than a few cues from the earlier Thief games itself, and if you’ve seen the gameplay videos, you can’t play it rowdy like you can when you’re steering Corvo. Garrett’s strictly a stealth kind of guy.

That said, it doesn’t really fill one with confidence to see something this generic tagged to the game. How many cackling blind witches have we seen in games, before? And really, why does this game need any sort of overarching plot? Garrett’s not morally complex. He steals people’s stuff for fun and profit. Really all this needs is a brief voiceover explaining that, yeah, stealing this dude’s fancy widget is a good thing since he eats children or something.

Either way though, the game looks fun. We’ll see February 25th.