A Bible-Wielding Bro Lost His Sh*t After Being Told He Couldn’t Hold The Door For In-N-Out Customers

According to the Redditor who posted this video, this dude had a nuclear meltdown at a Redding, California In-N-Out, after standing by the entrance of the restaurant holding the door for people — employees told him that he needed to leave if he wasn’t a paying customer. Within seconds, a family of five with three young children, who he in all likelihood held the door for, start fleeing the In-N-Out due to his expletive-laden tirade.

I’m not much of a theology scholar myself, but I don’t think a lot of those words that are coming out of his mouth can be found in that bible he’s holding under his arm, as he loudly proclaims that he’s going to “stand up for f*cking Christians.” Homeboy then proceeds to attack In-N-Out’s fake planters, which up until that point had been innocent bystanders in the whole thing. Well who’s going to stand up for planters, guy? Ever think about that? Don’t plastic plants also deserve a place in god’s kingdom? So sick of these exclusive religions.