This Brewery Had A Hilarious Response To Indiana’s Mandatory Food Service Requirement

Liquor laws vary state by state, and I live in Pennsylvania which is second only to like, Utah in its ridiculously strict and cumbersome liquor laws — so don’t even get me started on that. I don’t know what Indiana is like on a whole, but one area where we’ve got them beat is that you can get away with having bars that don’t serve food here. Apparently, according to Indiana state liquor licenses, establishments that serve alcohol are also required to have minimum food service available, which includes hot sandwiches, soups, coffee, milk and soft drinks.

Honestly, you’d think most session drinking establishments would want to have munchies available, because otherwise people are going to get hungry and go someplace else — but the Bank Street Brewhouse in New Albany found a way to give a triumphant middle finger to Indiana’s liquor laws.

Mmmmm. A $10 microwaved hot dog with no condiments. As much as I’d like to say I wouldn’t eat this with someone else’s mouth, as one Redditor pointed out: “When sh*tfaced I’d probably be like ‘Yeah this hotdog seems like a solid deal. Barkeep, four hotdogs please!'” Knowing me when I’m drunk, he’s probably right.

(Via Reddit)