This Husky Dog Presents An Excellent Argument Against It Being Bath Time

It’s a widely known fact that Husky dogs are some of the greatest arguers in the animal kingdom. If dog breeds were assigned careers, Huskies would almost certainly be the lawyers. (“Dog with a Habeas Corpus?”) For example, take this Husky named Monk, who makes a nearly flawless argument over having to take a bath. As with the Husky who argued with his owner over a stolen potato skin, I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing the disagreement:

“You need to get in the shower. You stink! You’re dirty!” “YARRARRARARRRARR.”

“Really? Are you gonna protest that much?” “HARRRRR WAHHHHHHR.”

“Come on! No more back and forth.” “AHHHHHHHHAW. AWWWWWWWRAWR.”

It’s a compelling argument, but I’m fairly confident that Monk was less stinky when all was said and done.